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10th April 2014


That awkward moment when a quote about Spider-Man’s preferred search engine becomes your most popular post.

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9th April 2014

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And, uh, Peter uses Google rather than Bing in this one, like an actual human being.
Indiewire, confirming what is no doubt the most important plot point of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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8th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about what Andrew said on the interview saying there's only one woman for Peter and that it was Gwen



It irritates me! Webb and Garfield are basically saying that any woman in Peter’s life HAS to be a love interest. Are they seriously saying that Peter is that shallow? That he falls in love with every girl around him?? That a woman can only be a love interest?? What a misogynistic society we live in! I don”t want to be mad with Garfield though, he didn’t cut MJ, and he had to say something I guess…. Plus, I truly believe Gwen will not die in this franchise, and we will never see MJ. And even if we do, she will be poorly written and only be referred to as “second best” in comparison to Gwen. And let’s not forget they ripped off most of her qualities from the comics and gave it to Gwen! So….yeah. 

okay are we not blowing this a little (a lot) out of proportion? Andrew speaks for Peter’s character a lot. He’s saying that currently, within the universe that Gwen is the only person that Peter can see himself with. It ties in to the fact that he’s absolutely smitten with her and that he feels this constant struggle to be the person she deserves and the hero that New York needs. As for saying Gwen won’t die in this franchise, you’re basically throwing out things you DON’T know are true to support your case. Shailene played a great deal in the decision to remove her from the film and the discussion is on-going as to a replacement as she has pretty much said she doesn’t want another leading role in the midst of her work on Divergent. And also- ripping MJ’s qualities from the comics to give them to Gwen? What are you even talking about? Canonically, Gwen is everything they have written her as in the movie and that Emma Stone has contributed to her. I’m sorry but this is nothing but picking at straws at a franchise you clearly just don’t like and putting it in the tags just makes it even more clear that this is about LOOK HOW ANGRY I AM DUR DUR DUR. 

Alright, see, while I totally agree that your interpretation of the quote is probably what Garfield meant the way he said it is kind of … ehhhhh not too good.

"… [We] realized there should only be one woman in Peter’s life, and that woman is Gwen."

Okay, but Marc Webb already said that MJ’s scenes a) were more like a cameo than anything, most likely meaning there were only a few and b) weren’t a love triangle thing, that it was mostly them seeing each other next door. So take that into consideration and what’s the implication here? That Peter’s not allowed to have female friends his age because he’s in a relationship? That the very presence of another female creates a love triangle solely by the virtue of her femaleness? Because that’s what it seems like. If his romance with Gwen is so damn epic it shouldn’t even matter if he’s got another girl who is his friend.

I mean, on it’s own Garfield’s quote isn’t terrible, I think. Poorly worded, perhaps, but not terrible. But let’s face it, this isn’t all about the quote. It’s about this franchise and how it has not been kind to MJ, despite her not even appearing yet. Webb has been setting her up as an inferior woman to Gwen since the very beginning—that can’t be denied—most obviously through his “Gwen loves Peter while MJ loves Spider-Man” crap, a misconception which Emma Stone has parroted. I hate when people try to prop one woman up at the expense of another and that was one of the first things this iteration used to show how show “different” and “better” it was than Raimi’s series.

Also, there is at least one quality that’s far more MJ than Gwen in the latter’s TASM interpretation: she knows Peter is Spider-Man and is a confidante about his secret life. Gwen was never that. She died not knowing Peter was Spider-Man and resented Spider-Man for her father’s death. Even when they weren’t officially a couple, MJ served that role for Peter in the comics. A very important role, I might add, which is given to Gwen to make her a more “ideal” woman for Peter.

OP probably did let their anger get the best of them a bit, but I don’t think they’re necessarily grasping at straws.

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5th April 2014

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So Silent often has outbursts of rage when walking outside into the cold, and tonight she decided to share her misery with a poor unsuspecting cup of soda sitting in the parking lot. Little did she know it was full when she kicked it, and it backsplashed all over her, resulting in more incoherent screaming. I told her to calm down, and without skipping a beat, she yells at the top of her lungs, ‘THAT’S MY SECRET, I’M ALWAYS ANGRY!!!!!’

The beauty of that last particular outburst? We had just walked out from seeing The Winter Soldier and that wasn’t even planned.

Do not understand the reference.  Reblogging this anyway because I sense the joke I am not getting is a great one.

Also I totally would have been screaming if I kicked a thing of soda in rage only to find it was full because what kind of bullshit is that?

It’s a line from The Avengers, said by Bruce Banner aka the Hulk. The Winter Soldier is the sequel to the Captain America movie. Captain America is also an Avenger.


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1st April 2014


Dear My Biology and Society TA,

I hope you liked that 10 page trip to Target my characters just took, because the next two “place journal” entries are total filler!

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15th March 2014

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My Trip to Target

  • Me: Yes, I would like to buy this Spider-Man sketchbook set, this Spider-Man beach towel, and this Spider-Man star lights projector.
  • Me: No, I don't have a little brother, why do you ask?

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4th March 2014


EARTH-919 — “Spider-Couple” — featuring

Lyndsy Fonseca as Pietra ParkerReeve Carney as Matthew James “MJ” Watson

EARTH-919 — “Spider-Couple” — featuring

Lyndsy Fonseca as Pietra Parker
Reeve Carney as Matthew James “MJ” Watson

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3rd March 2014

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ugh ugh its 5 am and i got done watching spider man so have some rule 63! peter parker

Always reblog other people’s rule 63’d Spidey and MJ


ugh ugh its 5 am and i got done watching spider man so have some rule 63! peter parker

Always reblog other people’s rule 63’d Spidey and MJ

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17th February 2014

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couple of tasm2 spoilers/rumors


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What if this means the movie ended with Peter and MJ’s first swing at some point?! What if she said “Go get ‘im, Tiger”? WE WILL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW THIS ISN’T FAIR MARC WEBB

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14th February 2014

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I totally intended to draw some rule 63 Spidey and MJ for Valentine’s Day, but that turned into a bit of a disaster. So have their Sims instead.

I totally intended to draw some rule 63 Spidey and MJ for Valentine’s Day, but that turned into a bit of a disaster. So have their Sims instead.

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